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Cognera’s Enhanced Billing and Rates Solution provides retailers with the flexibility and accuracy necessary to handle complex billing scenarios in a constantly changing competitive marketplace. It configures to virtually any energy product, in any deregulated market. Improve your competitive advantage without the high price tag of a new enterprise-level system. Cognera’s low-cost, low-risk solution enables customers to handle dynamic pricing and other complex rate cases and calculations.
Plug in architecture

How does it work?

Cognera’s Enhanced Billing and Rates Solution allows retailers to expand their current billing and rates capabilities, while utilizing existing systems and infrastructure. Cognera’s solution “plugs-in” to your existing infrastructure and allows you to calculate complex rates and offer innovative pricing options and products to your customers. All rates and charges are calculated in the Cognera system which you can include as line items on your end-customers’ bills.

Competitive retail rate design and construction
Complex bill calculations and settlement from period to period
Web-based Business Intelligence and reporting

Value to the end customer is…

More options, more flexibility = Improved customer satisfaction!

  • Access to new product billing and rate options – more customized solutions to better meet their needs
  • Enhanced offering with the same utility interface (no change to look or feel of the bill)

Value to your organization is…

Reduced costs, increased sales and customer satisfaction = higher return on investment

  • Accelerate time to market – quick and easy implementation (plug-in solution)
  • Enhanced capabilities and flexibility around dynamic pricing, complex rates and billing
  • No large financial investment to upgrade or replace existing enterprise-level systems
  • Low-risk, low-cost alternative to position your organization for future market requirements
    • Changing customer needs
    • Dynamic pricing and potential Smart-Grid requirements

Features and Benefits

Features Cognera’s solution enables you to …
Scalable, flexible, “plug-in” billing technology

  • Customize solutions to fit your customers’ needs
  • Easily support market changes
  • Enhance existing billing capabilities
  • Enjoy a lower costs of ownership
  • Upgrade existing infrastructure with a ‘plug-in’ solution

Performs complex interval data and rate calculations

  • Differentiate – provide innovative customer product options
  • Meet changing customer needs
  • Prepare for future market opportunities (Dynamic pricing, SmartGrid etc)

Automated processing of data and transactions

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce risk of manual errors

Established Quality Assurance checks

  • Improve accuracy of invoices
  • Reduce risk of manual errors

Cognera has the expertise and ability to provide cost effective, scalable and flexible billing solutions to meet your organizations changing needs.