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A partnership with Cognera is like no other.  We strive to provide a truly unique and advantageous model to all our partners. We actively bill over $2.3 billion dollars every year on behalf of our clients which would not be possible without a strong working relationship. We understand that the business of operating a retail energy company, utility or municipality takes focus and resources. These resources should never have to be concerned about the accuracy, consistency or limitations that can exist with an internally managed legacy system. Cognera is an award-winning partner with proven utility billing and rating solutions. Cognera equips our clients with the necessary systems, tools and support to provide outstanding customer service to their end-customers.

Cognera prides itself on establishing relationships within our customers
that create a physical extension of the organization.
We continuously demonstrate our credibility,
responsiveness and trust in the Alberta, Ontario and Quebec markets.

Many customers view a typical software as a service offering as an unfriendly relationship where your interaction is dictated and limited through strict channels and rigid controls.  Cognera takes a different approach where we provide personalized service to all of our clients through dedicated support and billing channels, an open dialogue with senior leadership and working together to make important decisions to deliver the best customer service possible.

Our Clients


Here is what some of our clients have had to say about the strength of our services and solutions:

The thing that pleases me most about using your software as a solution and your operational services is that it is as close to ‘set it and forget it’ as I think that you can get. In the multiple years that we have now partnered we’ve had very few issues, problems or errors and in the event there is, it is comforting to know that you take ownership of that which is yours and regardless of the origin, your focus is to address it and find improvements. It really gives us the opportunity to focus on our business and to work with you on delivering improvement and enhancement solutions. Regarding solutions, I know for a fact that there is no way that we could have accomplished as much in this timeframe with other software, which not only speaks to your system but also to the development team you’ve been able to consistently attain.

Paul Gelleta – Manager, Billing Operations Commercial & Institutional Markets, ENMAX Energy Corp.

Cognera has contributed to Capital Power Corporation’s C&I retail success since early 2009. As our billing provider, Cognera has gone out of their way on more than one occasion to help our retail billing be more time and cost efficient. Cognera has been a great partner to work with from day one.

Alejandro Cortes – Manager, Retail Services, Capital Power Corporation

The positive enthusiasm that Cognera staff has provided to support a suite of exceptional services has made our job a whole lot easier over the past five years.

Fred Shaw – Utility Customer Care Manager, City of Lethbridge

Symcor has been in partnership with Cognera for multiple years to produce their mission-critical customer utility bills. As these bills are both time & data sensitive, it is vital that Symcor works collaboratively with our clients to help them to deliver on their objectives. Cognera has consistently supported our initiatives with openness as well as timely and accurate information. This is not only true of our day-to-day relationship, but also during critical projects. They also provide significant support during our project start-ups and other business initiatives.

Ross Ianniello – Senior Manager, Client Relations, Symcor Inc