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Cognera provides a billing Managed Service solution for competitive retailers, utilities and self- retailers across several different commodities. Cognera’s Energy Retail System can bill almost any type of utility from standard gas, water and electricity services to specialized services like landfill, waste water and recycling.

Competitive Retailers

Cognera offers Competitive Retailers a complete billing solutions to help improve customer relationships and gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Our proven, flexible solutions:

  • Handle complex retail rate and product offerings
  • Enable competitive differentiation in your marketplace
  • Reduce time and costs to serve your customers

Our deep rooted experience in the de-regulated energy industry makes us a natural choice when upgrading systems to meet evolving customer, business and technology requirements.


Cognera offers Utilities proven billing and customer care solutions to help avoid large upfront financial investment and associated risks with pending SmartGrid regulations.

Our solutions will:

  • Make you Smart Grid-ready quickly
  • Reduce costs to own and operate utility billing systems
  • Reduce time and cost to serve customers

Scaling from a ‘plug-in’ service designed to work with your current utility billing system, to a low-cost, managed service solution; Cognera can help you maximize existing IT investments and meet future billing needs, without a high price tag.


Cognera offers Self-Retail billing solutions to help understand and deliver high value services to your customers.

Our Self-Retail solutions will:

  • Reduce costs by interfacing directly with existing systems and eliminating manual touch points
  • Gain greater visibility into your customers through advanced reporting

Enjoy the freedom from the complexities of deregulated markets with our Self-Retail services without a high price tag.