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Our Billing and Customer Care Solution provides end-to-end billing for power, gas, water plus other commodity services like recycling and waste services. It handles every aspect of the rates and billing process – from meter reads to rate calculation, billing and invoicing to payment processing and collections. Flexible and scalable – our solution can quickly evolve with your changing business demands, minimizing cost and risk. Cognera helps our clients differentiate from competitors and quickly respond to market changes,  while enjoying a lower cost to implement and operate.

Billing Process

  • Competitive retail, utilities and self-retail including complex rate management
  • Bill calculations and settlement processes
  • Accounts receivable reporting and uploads into financial systems
  • Invoice rendering, online presentment in PDF format and printing
  • Web-based business intelligence reporting and analytics

How does Cognera’s Billing and Customer Care Solution Work?

Cognera’s award-winning managed services approach creates a service partnership where Cognera works together with our clients to invoice customers. Cognera people, utilizing our software, will manage the complex and time-consuming portions of the utility meter-to-cash lifecycle.

Venn Diagram

Value to your end customer is …

More control, more certainty, less time spend on utility bills = improved customer satisfaction!

  • Inquiries are resolved quickly
  • Self-service options
  • Bills are accurate and delivered quickly and efficiently – avoiding late payment charges
  • Sustainable, paperless delivery solutions
  • Budget billing options allows for pease of mind and cost stability

Value to your organization is …

Reduced costs, increased sales and customer satisfaction = higher return on investment

  • Managed service = lower cost of ownership
  • Accurate bills produced in a timely manner means lower operational costs and improved customer satisfaction
  • Dynamic pricing using complex rates and billing can increase customer acquisition and retention rates
  • Customer service and partnership approach reduces transition downtime
  • Ability to quickly and easily respond to regulatory requirements
  • Prepare for future market changes
  • Multi-service capability

Features and Benefits

Features Cognera’s solution enables you to …

Scalable, flexible end-to-end billing product includes:

  • Multi-service (power, gas, water etc)
  • Complex rates and dynamic pricing
  • Summary billing

  • Customize solutions to fit your customers’ needs
  • Provide one bill for multiple services
  • Easily support regulatory requirements and market changes (Smart Grid ready)
  • Enjoy a lower costs of ownership

Automated processing of data, transactions and invoicing

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Produce bills in a timely manner


  • Reduce operational costs
  • Accelerate bill payment
  • Provide added flexibility to end customers

Established Revenue and Quality Assurance checks

  • Improve accuracy of invoices
  • Reduce risk of manual errors

Customer Service Support team

  • Project Implementation
  • Relationship Management
  • Account Management
  • On-going training and support

  • Easily manage implementation and transition
  • Mitigate risks/impact to end customers
  • Answer questions and resolve issues in a timely manner

Web-based reporting capabilities

  • Standard
  • Customized
  • Analytics

  • Enable customer self-service
  • Empower customers to manage and benefit from energy-market choice
  • Integrate departmental silos
  • Analyze information from multiple perspectives

Cognera has the expertise and ability to provide cost effective, scalable and flexible billing and customer care solutions to meet your organizations regulatory requirements and changing needs.