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Cognera’s team is one of the most experienced in the deregulated utilities industry. Our senior consultants draw upon their years of experience and a collaborative approach to deliver valuable, timely solutions. Cognera brings together technology, business strategy, and industry acumen to achieve results and maintain the highest standards of excellence in every project. Cognera’s consultants are dedicated to complete client satisfaction.

Cognera enables our clients to meet business objectives by assisting in managing changes to business processes caused by both internal drivers and external utility market conditions. We have a proven track record managing projects from large-scale transitions to rate changes, and will help you meet your goals on time and on budget.

Using our expertise in the de-regulated and regulated utility industry,
Cognera offers innovative strategic and operational consulting services.

Implementation Services
Feasibility Analysis on New Products and Rates
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Implementation Services

Cognera understands that one of the biggest risks your organization faces when moving to a new service provider is in the actual transition of data, processes and services. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive implementation process to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the Cognera system. The goal is to ensure there is no impact on your end-customers or to your organization.

Some key elements and processes that are developed into the overall implementation plan include (but are not limited to):

  • Introductory meetings
  • Scoping sessions
  • Resource planning
  • Business and system requirements and deliverables
  • Invoicing, billing and payment requirements and deliverables

  • Revenue and quality assurance requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Data migration
  • Cutover planning
  • Testing procedures

Feasibility Analysis on New Products and Rates

Complex issues are addressed by professionals with many years of experience in the deregulation process. Cognera provides flexible solutions that allow our clients to quickly respond to rate and price changes that affect allocation of resources and competitive pricing to retain customers while delivering shareholders value.

Cognera’s advisory services on new products and rates help ensure best fit of rate products to your individual customers and specific markets. They conduct feasibility analysis on rate construction that assists utilities in marrying their product strategy and vision with current market structure. Cognera consultants can advise on the practical implementation of proposed offerings to identify roadblocks and opportunities, drawing on our in-depth experience of managing hundreds of complex product components.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

One of Cognera’s core services is to gather and store client data; we empower organizational stakeholders with the right information, at the right time, to enable better decision making. Cognera’s comprehensive, web-based solution delivers all forms of enterprise reports from detailed multi-page production reports to highly graphical business reports, and even “snap shot” statement-type reports and invoices.

As part of our solution, Cognera provides numerous standard reports, and our experts are able to customize reports and information to your specific needs. Cognera also provides the ability to drill-down and “slice and dice” data through multidimensional analysis tools. Our consultants will work with you to go beyond understanding just day-to-day details; they will assist you in developing the “big picture” so that you can make strategic decisions based on accurate data that can contribute to your competitive advantage. Knowledge of the emerging trends in your business, and analysis of operational successes and shortcomings will provide you with the power to respond more quickly to your evolving business and ensure continued success.

Standard Reporting

Standard reports are preconfigured with a fixed format, providing a core set of information about what’s going on in a particular business area. Examples include invoices, load factors, viewing billing data, and tracking products and services.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc reports provide advanced users with the capability to create their own reports using pre-defined data structures. These reports can be formatted and sorted, contain calculations, and can be saved for other users to run.

High-level Business Analytics

With the pressure to manage costs more effectively, enhance revenues and increase profitability, clients need to be able to analyze information from multiple perspectives such as the change in number of customers over time, revenue generated per service, average age of receivables, and percentage of revenue written off – measures that allow clients to focus on financial and operational risk measurement and management. Cognera consultants can work with you to develop high-level reports to help analyze and manage business performance over time.