Industry Expert and Regulatory Advisor

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Cognera’s team is one of the most experienced in the deregulated utilities industry. Our senior consultants draw upon years of experience and a collaborative approach to deliver valuable, timely solutions. Cognera has a deep understanding of the operational requirements, regulatory environment and risks retailers and utilities face operating in North American markets.

Participation in the Market

Cognera is an active participant in regulatory meetings across various jurisdictions in Canada. From forums and working groups to climate change boards, we keep up with current market trends and mandates so you can focus on your core business.

Cognera has built strong working relationships with various entities in the Canadian utilities market.


  • Alberta Utilities Commission
  • AESO
  • Alberta Energy
  • Balancing Pool
  • Market Surveillance Administrator
  • Utilities Consumer Advocate
  • Service Alberta
  • Gas Distributors
  • Electricity Wire Service Providers


  • Ontario Energy Board
  • 70+ Electricity Distributors
  • 2 Gas Distributors


  • Hydro Quebec

Cognera has a deep understanding of billing and settlement codes within the various jurisdictions which allow us to manage the complexity of regulatory changes and pass cost savings on to you.