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Cognera offers proven, cost-effective billing and customer care solutions to enable your organization to meet increasing customer demands and industry requirements. Our billing, business intelligence and information solutions help Competitive Energy Retailers and Utilities manage complex data. Cognera will help you improve customer relationships and make you Smart Grid ready quickly, without the large upfront financial investment and associated risk. Cognera’s deep rooted experience in the energy and utilities industries makes us the natural choice when upgrading legacy systems to meet evolving business, regulatory and technology requirements. Maximize existing IT investments and improve market share with one of Cognera’s unique on-line solutions.

  • Over fourteen years of experience serving dynamic deregulated and regulated utility markets
  • Exceptional customer retention/loyalty
  • Diverse client base
  • Award winning solutions
  • Utilizing detailed analytics to facilitate conservation, efficiency, audit and review

  • Experience integrating and coexisting with large CRM applications (e.g. SAP), saving clients millions of dollars in meeting smart grid requirements
  • Experienced Revenue assurance team which ensures accurate, high quality results (including automated tools and expert review)

Cognera is a key enabler for success in competitive energy markets by providing nimble and dependable billing and support services. We connect with our customers to help them connect with theirs. Cognera makes the complex simple.

Growth, Teamwork, Client Focus, Change and Fun!

Cognera’s History


Cognera founded in October 2002.

  • After acquiring an existing settlement company, Cognera is created to help companies manage customer services in deregulated markets.

First Retail Services Client

  • Cognera expanded it’s business service to include retail billing for electricity, gas and other commodities.
  • Signed on it’s first retail client (Nexen) with over 24,000 sites.

Settlement and Retail Expansion

  • In 2004 Cognera signed two large competitive retail clients (ENMAX and Gas Alberta) for settlement and complex retail billing services.
  • Later in the year Cognera added another retailer for complex gas billing services.

Municipal Utility Services Expansion

  • Cognera expanded it’s services to include billing and rate services for multiple commodities in a high volume residential customers.
  • The City of Lethbridge became our first residential multi-service client.

Continued Expansion

  • Cognera signed it’s fourth competitive retail client (Integrys) for settlement and complex retail billing services for power and gas services.

BC Expansion and Service Awards

  • Cognera is ranked as on of the Top 4 Meter-to-Cash Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions in North America.
  • Entered BC retail gas market with two new clients (Planet Energy and Active Renewable Marketing.

More Awards and Clients

Cognera won “Best BPO” award sponsored by Forbes Magazine.
We make the “Top 25” fastest growing companies in Alberta.
Another new client (EPCOR) is signed on for settlement and retail billing services.


Fast Growth Award and Another Client

  • Cognera is awarded the TransAlta contract for settlement and retail billing.
  • Cognera made the Alberta’s “Fast Growth 50” by KPMG & Alberta Venture Magazine.

Multi National Expansion of Services

  • Cognera signed it’s first multi-national retail energy client (Direct Energy).
  • We are selected Alberta’s “Fast Growth 50” second year in a row.

Ontario Market Expansion

  • Cognera expands services into the Ontario market.
  • As a result we are awarded the Hudson Energy contract for settlement and retail billing in Alberta and Ontario.

Acquisition by Harris Computer Systems

  • Cognera is acquired by Harris Computer Systems and becomes a part of the Harris Utilities group of companies.

Self-Retail Expansion

  • Cognera signs on another self-retail service.

Retail Client Expansion

  • Cognera adds another large client to our retail and billing services solution for power and gas (ATCO Energy).

Continued Expansion

  • Cognera adds BlueEarth Renewables to it’s client list.