Corporate Responsibility

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Cognera prides itself on its commitment to ethical business practices and conducting our business to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.    This view is fundamental to the operation of our business and we have employed a number of policies and controls to ensure we are achieving this high standard:

  • Required open and honest communication with customers, employees and business partners
  • Employees are required to adhere to our code of conduct
  • Transparency of our business operations with our clients and business partners
  • Employ strict controls, policies and procedures including authorities to monitor our practices
  • Mandatory privacy and confidentiality training for employees
  • Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption
  • Police background checks

Cognera also prescribes to a corporately sustainable business approach that creates long-term customer and employee value by creating a “green” strategy and taking into consideration every dimension of how a business operates in the social, cultural, and economic environment.